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What is MSSQL to .NET Core Microservices API?

A Powerfull automation tool that can generate an ASP.NET Core C# restful APIs from MSSQL Database for both .NET Core 3.1 and ,NET Core 6.0.
Although one of disadvantages of code generators is that it forces developers to write the code that is compatible with the generated code, but it is not the case with our code generators tools while the generated codes is using Entity Framework and using a very common code template that's almost all developers are familiar with.

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MSSQL to .NET Core Microservices API Generator

Each database is considered as a project. When creating a project you need to define a Name, Connection String, and the desired namespace for your project.

No, the tool is automatically connected and reads all tables and columns, and allows you to define the Model Names for each table if needed (default model name will be the same as table name).

You can re-sync the tables by clicking the Sync Table button on the Tables page. The Coder will automatically read all the changes and keep your previous preferences.

No, The Coder is keeping all of the necessary database objects after syncing tables and you will be needing database connectivity only when database structure is changed

The Coder generates a complete working project with all necessary NuGet packages configuration and automatically adds them when you open the project for the first time.

Both Visual Studio 2019 and 2022 are supported

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